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 author - Roman Grishin, Russian Federation

About the author:

lives and works in Russia, has a higher legal education. In the past, he worked in the Russian police for about 10 years, started his career as a patrol policeman, graduated as an inspector of the public order and security department of the City Police Department, and later worked in the safety services of enterprises and banks.
More than 20 years, independently engaged in criminological research, the main direction is countering street crime and terrorism, as well as ensuring the safety of educational institutions and places with a mass stay of children from threats of criminal, terrorist and other nature.

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Author's publications:

Ensuring the safety and security of schools, other educational institutions and places with a mass stay of children

publication date: 02.01.2022
the author analyzes the current situation in terms of ensuring school safety on the example of the United States and Russia. The general principles and individual elements on which the security system of educational and other children's institutions is built are considered in detail. Based on his conclusions from the analysis, the author proposes his project to create an effective, comprehensive multi-stage system for ensuring the safety and security of schools, other educational institutions, as well as other places with a mass presence of children, from threats of criminal, terrorist and other nature.
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Street terrorism - a global threat to human security, ways to counter

publication date: 01/15/2021
the article is divided into 2 parts. In the first part, the author analyzes a series of terrorist attacks committed on the streets of European cities over the past year, in his opinion, terrorist organizations and movements around the world have focused their attention on «Street Terror» and the number of such crimes will increase in the coming years. In the second part, the author, based on the previous analysis, puts forward his proposals on a set of effective measures to counter street terrorism.
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Bioterrorism is one of the world's main threats to humanity in the near future

publication date: 09/25/2020
the article is divided into 2 parts. The first one analyzes the situation with the activities of the police services to ensure public order and security during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The potential capabilities of other law enforcement agencies in the event of a terrorist act using bacteriological weapons, the existing vulnerabilities and possible consequences are assessed. In the second, the author offers a list of specific measures and their justification, the implementation of which should significantly increase the effectiveness of countering such threats and minimize damage in cases of bioterrorism.
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Policing in special settings, quarantine regimes and pandemics of dangerous viral infections

publication date: 07/14/2020
the author considers and analyzes the situation during the global epidemic of a new coronavirus infection, which clearly showed that the police services of most countries of the world were not ready to work in conditions of quarantine and threats of dangerous viruses. What conclusions, in the opinion of the author, should be made in this situation and what measures should be taken to correct the mistakes made and prevent similar situations in the future.
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