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requirements and restrictions to the design and content of articles and other information materials for publication on the project website, information support measures

You can send us your articles and other publications on the main thematic areas of our project. In addition to basic content write a little about yourself, what your name is, your age, how long you do research in criminology or law enforcement, whether you have practical experience in police services. If you are currently working on other publications on the topic of the project and are looking for like-minded people you can indicate it. All this information will be published on the page with your article in a separate block «About the author» and if you want, we can post your photo and contact information.

When sending us materials for publication on the site and in the group,
please take into account the following rules:

It is forbidden:
1. Insults in any form, by individuals or communities, on the grounds of national, racial, religious, social, professional, political or other affiliation.
2. Statements or calls of an extremist nature, to individuals or any social groups.
3. Use of offensive language.
4. Policy and conspirology. We do not consider political issues or participate in the discussion of political topics. We do not support or oppose individual politicians, political parties, movements or other political communities.
Articles on other topics that do not correspond to the subject of the resource are also not accepted for publication.

Before publication, each article is checked by editors for compliance with the rules of the project. The project editor reserves the right to refuse publication if he believes that the article does not comply with the rules of the site.

Dear colleagues and authors.
Please note that our project is multilingual, each article is published in three languages: English, Chinese and German. Everything is done exclusively on enthusiasm, it is not possible to involve professional translators, so it is necessary to use accessible machine translation systems.
A big request to you.
When preparing your materials for submission, try to edit the text in such a way that its meaning does not distort in machine translation into other languages, for this it is enough to comply with a few simple rules:
- Use fewer words with a double interpretation;
- Try not to use metaphor and hyperbole;
- Try to use fewer figurative expressions.
Thank you in advance for understanding and following these simple rules.

Editor of the project.

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Dear visitors of the website.
The site has been translated into English using technical translation tools. I am also the author and editor of this project. I developed this site myself and I serve it myself. The English language is not my native language (although I am actively studying it), so I apologize in advance if in some phrases and sentences the meaning will be distorted. I try to constantly work to improve the quality of translation. Thanks for understanding.

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