Forum - the main platform of the project for discussions and debates

the main objective of the project is to create an open international platform for bringing together people involved and interested in safety, crime and terrorism

Forum - the main platform of the project for discussions and debates.
The main goal of the project «Public order and safety» is to create an open international platform for bringing together people involved and interested in security issues, the fight against crime and terrorism, as well as the activities of police services and other law enforcement agencies. One of the important directions for achieving this goal is the creation of an electronic discussion platform where project participants could discuss topics of interest to them, comment and review publications, look for like-minded people and co-authors, publish announcements, etc.
I have long considered various formats and templates for creating such a platform and came to the conclusion that of all possible options, the format of the Internet forum is most suitable. Yes, this model of the electronic platform is considered outdated, the peak of popularity of the forums ended more than 10 years ago, they were replaced by social networks, blogs and messengers. However, for solving the tasks set, scientific-journalistic and similar associations, such a format will be relevant both now and in the near future and it does not yet have alternatives.
The advantages of the Internet forum format are that it allows the participant to create new topics, establish rules for conducting a discussion, attach additional materials (photos, videos, documents, links, voting), comment on publications without restrictions on the number of characters, insert quotes, and answer several participants in one message to specific questions. In addition, it has many other opportunities that allow you to conduct a remote discussion with maximum convenience for all its participants.
The forum has more convenient navigation, allowing you to create thematic sections and subsections, distributing discussions into thematic groups, and forums have a more convenient built-in search, which allows you to quickly find the desired topic or message by keywords and phrases.
No less important in the work of such a platform is the possibility of installing language plugins, which allows all participants to comfortably conduct a discussion despite language differences.
It is important to understand that the priority will be not the quantity, but the quality of the participants. The Forum will have a rigorous thematic focus and moderation. All communication will be only on professional topics. The forum will prohibit any topics and messages about politics, religion, nation and similar areas that may provoke conflicts, bias or other negative consequences. It will also be prohibited to switch to individuals, discuss the personal qualities of authors and participants, their political, religious, gender, professional, national or other affiliation. «Pressure by personal authority» will be categorically prohibited, at the forum everyone will be equal, regardless of gender, age, time spent on the forum, professional experience, the presence of scientific degrees and other achievements. All opinions are equally important and equally valuable, ordinary and general, professor and student, the one who has been doing this for 30 years and the one who has just come to this sphere. Opinion should be assessed by the position set forth in it, the presence of arguments and facts confirming it, and not the personality and personal merits of who expresses this position. Any merits and experience are worthy of respect, but in the debate everyone will be equal, this is the basis of the policy of the forum.

When will the project have a forum?
Nowadays, it is difficult to name not only the date, but even the approximate period. The fact is that I am still working on the project alone. And the development of the forum, even according to a ready-made template, the process is technically quite complex and long, especially given the fact that I do not have enough professional skills and knowledge in this direction. Therefore, you have to do everything at the same time and learn and implement the knowledge gained in practice, which is not always the first time, so the process is still very slow. The fact that the project is international causes additional technical difficulties, because for this, even at the initial stage, the forum interface must be adapted to at least three language groups with the prospect of improving the capabilities of multilingualism. Currently, the main option for the future forum is considered the platform - PHP Bulletin Board (phpBB). For all requirements, it meets the tasks set, while having open source code and is completely free to use. In addition, phpBB has several other advantages:
- easy-to-use template system;
- multilingual interface, language files translated into more than 50 languages and available for free download from the official website phpBB;
- A large community of users willing to help;
- a large number of available and updated modifications.
If you are interested, you can read a more detailed article about phpBB in a free encyclopedia.
I will be very pleased with any help in working on the forum and project, who have time, desire, technical knowledge and skills in programming and layout of sites. For communication, use e-mail:

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