Articles, reviews and other publications of project participants

the section contains links to the materials of the project «Public Order and Safety» on the main topics, directions and issues of combating crime and terrorism

This section will include links to articles, reviews and other publications of project participants as they become available. All materials will be organized by thematic groups in line with the main activities of the project. The following areas are currently identified:

- Safety of people from crimes and terrorist acts in the streets and other public places;
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- Issues of ensuring the safety of people from crimes and terrorist acts in schools, other educational institutions, as well as places with mass stay of people. Opposition to the phenomenon of «School Shooter»;
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- Organization of police and other law enforcement activities during the pandemic (global and local) of dangerous viral infections. Police activities in case of threats of terrorist acts with the use of bacteriological weapons;
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- Organization of police activities to ensure road safety on urban and suburban roads. Prevention of terrorist acts by means of vehicles;
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- Prevention of crimes and terrorist acts, effective ways to counter such threats;
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- Police in the 21 century, perspective on the future, prospects for development;
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- Criminal and terrorist threats of the near future, analytics, forecasts, ways of counteracting.
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To date, only a fraction of the sections contain materials for research and discussion. This is due to the fact that the project has only been launched and has not yet gained wide coverage among the interested audience. But I want to believe that gradually we will expand and the number of publications on the issues under study will become more.
The list of project studies of interest is not limited to these areas. As the project progresses, the number of these areas will grow, and expand to cover new and new issues.
One of the basic provisions of the concept of the draft is that any opinion is important and it has the right to be heard. Within the framework of the project everyone is equal, regardless of age, professional experience, personal merit, academic degrees, titles, status or number of scientific works, here respect the opinion of everyone, and each work can be published if it does not violate the rules of the site and the legislation. You can find out about the rules of publication, as well as how to send your article or review for posting on the project site and discussion in the section Contacts.

Dear readers and colleagues.
I would welcome your proposals for additional thematic sections in the draft to accommodate publications and discussion.
You can send your offers in any convenient way.

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