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a general list of thematic sections and directions for research, articles, reviews and other materials, links to subsections of the site where publications of the authors and editors of the project will be placed

 Thematic sections and directions for research

The Public Order and Safety project is a highly specialized, professional community operating within a strict thematic framework. Currently, for the authors, a list of topics and directions has been established, within which all research, articles and reviews submitted to the editorial office will be accepted for consideration.
This list is not exhaustive, as the project develops, the number of areas will expand, covering new topics and issues. We remind you that one of the main provisions of the project concept is that any opinion is important and has every right to be heard. Within the framework of the project, everyone is equal, regardless of age, professional experience, personal merits, academic degrees, titles, status or number of scientific papers, here the position of each author is respected, and each manuscript, if it does not violate the rules of the site and legal requirements - will be published and allowed for discussion.
All materials received by the editorial office and approved for publication are systematized into thematic groups corresponding to the main directions of the project. For each of the groups, a separate section has been created on the site, where they will be placed: names, brief descriptions, author's data and links to the article page.
The following thematic sections and directions are currently defined:

- Issues of ensuring public safety, countering crimes and terrorist acts committed on the streets and in other public places;
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- Issues of ensuring security and countering crimes and terrorist acts in schools, other educational institutions, as well as places with mass stay of children. Opposition to such a phenomenon as «Schoolshooting» («School shooters»);
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- Issues of organizing the activities of police services and other law enforcement agencies during a pandemic (global and local) of dangerous viral infections, as well as in case of threats of terrorist attacks using bacteriological weapons;
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- Issues of organizing the activities of police services and other law enforcement agencies to ensure traffic safety on highways. Prevention and suppression of terrorist acts using vehicles;
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- General issues of prevention of crimes and terrorist acts, proposals for improving the effectiveness of countering such threats;
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- Police in the 21st century, a look into the future, development prospects;
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- Criminal and terrorist threats of the near future, analytics, forecasts, methods of prevention and suppression.
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You can learn about the requirements for the content of publications, the rules and procedure for their placement on the site, as well as how to protect your copyrights, in the section Contacts.

Dear readers and guests.

The editors will be glad to receive your suggestions on adding additional thematic sections to the project for posting publications and discussion. You can send your proposals in any convenient way.

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