Countering crime and terrorism in the streets

articles of the project participants on the topic - ways to ensure the safety of life, health, property of people and organizations, effective measures to counter street crime and terrorism

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This section of the project will contain articles and other materials of the project participants on the topic - Issues of ensuring the safety of people from crimes and terrorist acts in the streets and in other public places.

A promising direction for research:
Currently, studies on the tactics of police units and other law enforcement agencies to counter street crime, as well as such a phenomenon, which is gaining particular activity at present, are quite relevant and of real practical interest to specialists. Another equally relevant area for research is countering criminals and extremists in cases of riots, protecting the life, health and property of people, as well as authorities and commercial organizations from the actions of criminals and looters.
These threats currently remain relevant to most countries of the world, and therefore require a solution in the form of effective countermeasures.
I emphasize that in this work we do not consider the social or political motives that served as the basis for terrorist acts or protests, this should be done by specialists in these fields, political scientists and sociologists. Our goal is to consider the situation from the professional side of law enforcement agencies. Carefully study the best and up-to-date practical experience in countering such threats, supplement and improve it with their achievements and proposals. The result should be a universal and effective mechanism for protecting the life, health, property of citizens, municipal, federal and state property from the actions of terrorists, criminals and looters.

Publications of project participants, on the topic of the section:

Street Terror, Counter Tactics
author - Grishin Roman, Russia
In the first part, the author analyzes a series of terrorist acts committed on the streets of European cities over the past year, in his opinion, terrorist organizations and movements around the world have focused their attention on «Street Terror» and the number of such crimes in the coming years will increase. In the second part, based on the earlier analysis, the author puts forward his proposals for a set of effective measures to counteract street terrorism.
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