Countering street crime and terrorism

articles and other materials on the topic - Safety of citizens from crimes and terrorist acts, on the streets and in other public places

 Countering crime and terrorism on the streets and in other public places

This section will contain articles, studies, reviews and other materials of the project participants, devoted to the topic - «Issues of ensuring the safety of citizens from crimes and terrorist acts, on the streets and in other public places».
A promising direction for publications:
At present the research dedicated to the tactics and strategy of police services and departments as well as other law enforcement bodies in terms of counteraction to street crime as well as to such phenomenon as «Street terror», which has been recently gaining particular activity, is rather urgent and is of real practical interest for specialists of various levels.
Another no less demanded area of research is the development of effective system of combating property crimes and extremists in cases of mass riots. Ensuring protection of life, health and property of citizens, state, commercial, public, political, religious and other organizations from actions of criminals and marauders.
The above-mentioned threats, at present, continue to be relevant for most countries in the world, and therefore require both the modernization of existing and the development of fundamentally new solutions, tactics and other effective countermeasures.
It is important to remember that when working on materials on these issues, authors should not make assessments and judgments about the causes of these phenomena. Social, political, religious or other motives that served as the basis for terrorist acts or mass unrest should not be considered. This is a matter for specialized professionals such as political scientists, sociologists and journalists. The objective of our project is to review the situation from a professional perspective, as experts in law enforcement, public order and safety and in combating terrorism and extremism.
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Publications of the project participants, on the topic of the section:

Street terror, counter tactics
author - Roman Grishin, Russia
The article consists of two parts. In the first one, the author analyzes a series of terrorist acts committed on the streets of European cities in 2019 - 2020 and suggests that terrorist organizations and movements around the world have chosen «Street Terror» as a dominant tactic of their actions and the number of such crimes will increase in the coming years. In the second part, based on the previously conducted analysis, the author puts forward his proposals on the set of measures, the use of which, in his opinion, can effectively counteract this threat.
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