Criminal and terrorist threats of the near future

articles and other materials on the topic - on promising directions in the development of criminal crime, new types and methods of committing crimes, as well as terrorist acts

This section will contain articles and other materials of the project participants on the topic - which, in their opinion, directions in the development of criminal crime are the most promising, what new types and methods of committing crimes, as well as terrorist acts, criminals and terrorists will use in the near future.

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A promising direction for research:
Currently, studies aimed at developing reliable forecasts of the prospects for the development of criminal crime and terrorism in the near and far future are quite relevant and of real practical interest to specialists, police officials, other law enforcement agencies, municipal and government officials, as well as organizations. Important and promising are not only studies defining the general directions of the likely development of crime and terrorism, but also detailed forecasts of the specific ways and methods that criminals and terrorists will use in the future to carry out their criminal plans.
In parallel, research aimed at developing effective ways to prevent and combat such threats is promising. Of particular interest are detailed and well-founded comprehensive prevention programmes aimed at reducing the risks of foreseeable criminal and terrorist threats in the near future.
I emphasize that in this work we consider the social or political components only superficially, only general grounds are sufficient for supporting the arguments of the author of the work.
Our goal is to offer concrete and reliable forecasts, develop practical solutions, form comprehensive programs or a «Roadmap» to counter threats of a criminal and terrorist nature in the near future.

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