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established to bring together experts from all countries leading research in criminology, forecasting and countering criminal and terrorist threats

About the project
The Public Order and Safety Project and its support resources (social media groups, a blog and, in the long run, a forum) are dedicated to research into already identified criminal and terrorist threats and to predicting likely threats in the future. However, the main goal of the project is to develop effective methods and tactics to prevent (prevent) and combat (counter) these threats, to improve the effectiveness of police services in protecting people's lives, health and property.
Special attention will be paid to criminology as a science, interesting and promising theories and hypotheses in this field. I am sure that theoretical research in the field of criminology is very important in practical work, it allows choosing the right direction, especially when developing strategic plans and tasks.
There are not many people in the world who are interested in such problems, even fewer than those who are engaged in search of practical solutions that could positively affect the safety of people in reality. One of the important tasks for which this project was created is to unite these people, to become a link between like-minded people from around the world. Looking ahead, the project should become a serious electronic platform where police and other law enforcement officers, criminologists, researchers, security professionals, journalists and enthusiasts could work together. To work together on projects, to share ideas, practical experience, opinions, reviews, recommendations, objective criticism, and collective reflection on emerging challenges. All this without politics, without pressure, without bias, with respect for any opinion and interlocutor.
We are here to work together on real and effective ways of countering crime and terrorism, protecting people's lives, health and property. Everyone is equal here, every opinion is important here, we do not make a difference between a professor and a student, a sergeant and a general, a minister and a simple policeman, the main thing here is content, not form.
I very much hope that the project will become a convenient stand for specialists and enthusiasts who have something to say and what to offer. Will provide them with an opportunity to express themselves and their professional capabilities directly, will allow them to implement their scientific developments in practice, to benefit people.
I invite all like-minded people to work on the project. It does not matter what country you are from, what gender or age you are, it does not matter at all whether you have a scientific work or a degree. All that matters is that you have a desire to help people and contribute to the fight against crime and terrorism in the world. If you have this desire, we are happy to welcome you to our team, welcome!

About the author
My name is Grishin Roman, I'm from Russia. I am the author and editor of the project, as well as some publications on this site. For almost 20 years I have been doing research in criminology on my own. My main interest and main direction in my work is the study of street crime. My research is dedicated to finding effective ways to counteract crime on the streets and in other public places, to improve the effectiveness of police in ensuring public order.
In the past I have about 10 years of practice, I worked in the Russian police, where I started as a patrol policeman, and graduated as an inspector of the Public Order and Security Department of the City Police. All these years I collected information and analyzed modern threats, both criminal and terrorist, studied the tactics of criminals and terrorists, analyzed information on best practices of Russian and foreign police in countering these threats. Based on these studies, I have written articles and developed projects. The largest of them is my proposed initiative to create a system of local (municipal) police services in Russia.

Unfortunately, no one in Russia needs this development. The initiative did not receive support either from the population or from government representatives. This result was quite predictable, for two reasons:
1. In Russia, the issues of security and the activities of police services are very much politicized, and at the same time, society itself is overly politicized. As a result, there is no constructive discussion aimed at developing solutions to problematic issues. People prefer to discuss the same problems for years, look for the guilty, invent «conspiracy theories», but they do not want to look for solutions to these problems. Therefore, any constructive ideas and proposals do not arouse interest in Russian society.
2. The state police, which is fully subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, deals with all issues related to ensuring public order and public safety, prevention, repression, detection and investigation of crimes and incidents in Russia. The Ministry's leadership is satisfied with this monopoly position, so any initiatives aimed at changing the existing system cause serious opposition from the Russian Interior Ministry. In this they are fully supported by local government officials, who are used to the fact that they are not responsible for the state of public order and security on the streets of their cities.
As a result of all the above, the situation (crime situation) on the streets of Russian cities year after year is getting worse. The Ministry of Internal Affairs, instead of developing and implementing effective countermeasures, is manipulating statistical reporting, artificially understating or overestimating the necessary indicators. Society continues to discuss all this, looking for the guilty, political motives and traces of «world conspiracies». Communities (Internet forums and groups in social networks) of police officers and other law enforcement agencies in Russia have also long since ceased to be professional, if you look at the most numerous sites and pages, the main topics of discussion there are politics, financial and social issues Topics devoted to purely police work, almost no discussion, they are not interesting to anyone. Those who offer concrete solutions, nobody even wants to listen. This is a feature of Russian (and not only) society, which will not change for a long time. That is why the development of the project was curtailed due to the lack of interest from officials and ordinary citizens.

In Russia, I have not found like-minded people; in our country, this is not a popular topic, and in the Russian police, employees' initiatives are not only not encouraged, but can also cause serious problems to those who propose these ideas.
While studying foreign forums, groups in social networks and other communities on the Internet devoted to the fight against crime and terrorism, this situation is quite typical for other countries as well. Probably, this is a peculiarity of modern people living in the era of information technologies, people for some reason prefer to talk about problems and threats, but do not want to look for practical solutions. There is a feeling that people prefer to express their condolences to the victims of tragedies rather than try to prevent them. Those who are trying to offer concrete and real solutions, those who are looking for ways to counter threats, nobody even wants to listen. People prefer to attribute everything to politics or mysticism. As a result, more and more high-profile tragedies are happening in the world and almost no one can feel safe anywhere else. All this motivated me to create this project.
I honestly admit that the biggest skeptic of the prospects of this project is myself. But despite this, I will make every effort to ensure that the project develops. Even if this idea does not work out, it calms me that I know that I at least tried.

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