Public order and Safety in today's world

international project dedicated to the fight against crime, terrorism, and other threats, as well as the activities of the police and other law enforcement agencies

 Welcome to the website of the international project Public order and Safety!

The site and its auxiliary resources were created as an electronic platform for bringing together and communicating people involved in or interested in ensuring public order, security, prevention and combating crime and terrorism. For those who are busy not discussing problems and appointing the guilty, but studying existing and forecasting probable threats, and most importantly, looking for practical solutions to prevent and suppress them. One of the main objectives of the project is to give these people the opportunity to express themselves, their developments and promising ideas. Provide them with a place to post articles, projects and other publications, as well as an electronic platform for discussions, debates, professional communication, organization of joint work and other tasks. A place where all communication will be exclusively within the framework of professional topics.
Another, no less important goal of the project is the restoration of the «Information Bridge» with colleagues from other countries. The informal connections between law enforcement officers and just enthusiasts from different countries, connections and professional Internet communities that existed at the beginning of the era of the active spread of the Internet and social networks, have begun to actively collapse in recent years, and many today are completely broken. The reason is banal - politics, or rather disputes on political topics, which very quickly brought communication out of a civilized format and reduced it to a transition to personalities, rudeness and insults. This once again confirms the rule, the violation of which has ruined many professional communities - where politics begins, there is no room for constructiveness and professionalism. Therefore, our project will be completely out of politics. Any topics, even indirectly affecting politics, will be under the strictest ban, there will be no exceptions, for no one. I am sure that over time this will at least partially restore ties with our colleagues from other countries and return communication in a civilized format, within the framework of professional topics and the exchange of experience.
We invite all like-minded people to participate in the work on the project. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, what gender or age you are, it doesn’t matter at all if you have academic papers or degrees. It is only important that you have an interest in the subject of the project and a desire to contribute to the fight against crime and terrorism in the world. If there is such a desire, then we are glad to welcome you to our team, welcome!

Chief editor of the project.


Ensuring the safety and security of schools, other educational institutions, as well as places with a mass stay of children

the author analyzes the current situation in terms of ensuring the safety of educational and other children's institutions, using the example of the USA and Russia. Based on the findings, the author proposes his project to create an effective, system of ensuring the safety and security of schools, other institutions with a mass stay of children, from threats of a criminal, terrorist and other nature.

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