Public order and safety in today world

the project is dedicated to research in the field of criminology, combating crime and terrorism and other threats in the modern world

Welcome to the website of the project Public Order and Safety!

In many ways, the decision to create this Internet resource was influenced by the world pandemic of a new viral infection. The situation with the epidemic has clearly shown that police services around the world have faced a new reality that they are not ready for.
The world around us is rapidly changing, new global and local threats are constantly emerging, and new types of crimes are emerging. Law enforcement agencies have to ensure public order and human security in a global pandemic, enforce quarantine measures, and counter new forms of terrorism and extremism.
All this has shown that the existing police system around the world has significantly reduced its efficiency and requires serious modernization. This applies not only to technical support (although it is also important), it applies to the whole system of the organization, the principles on which the prevention and suppression of crimes is based, the protection of life, health and property of people in the face of new threats, a new life reality.
The Public Order and Safety website, as well as its supporting resources, will focus on research in the following areas:
- Current criminal and terrorist threats;
- Prediction of likely future threats;
- Developing effective methods and tactics to prevent and combat these threats and to improve the effectiveness of police services to protect peoples lives, health and property.
In addition, attention will be paid to criminology as a science, interesting and promising theories and hypotheses in this field. I am sure that theoretical research in the field of criminology is very important in practical work, it allows to choose the right direction, especially in the development of strategic plans and tasks.
I invite all like-minded people to participate in the work on the project.
It doesnt matter which country you are from, what gender or age you are, it absolutely doesnt matter if you have scientific papers or academic degrees. What matters is that you have a desire to help people and contribute to the fight against crime and terrorism in the world. If there is such a desire, we are glad to welcome you to our team, welcome!

Respectfully, the author of the project.


Street terror, counter tactics

Attacks by lone terrorists on the streets of large cities are a new strategy for international terrorism. Analysis of the causes and consequences of this phenomenon. How to resist this? Proposed solution, tactics, forces, means, methods, planned result

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