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Current opportunities and prospects for the development of the project to create an electronic platform for joint work, discussions of ideas and proposals of its participants

Basic principles, goals and tasks for organization of constructive communication of project participants, creation of new publications and discussion of previous publications.
As already mentioned in the description of the draft, one of the main objectives of its creation is to create an electronic platform for joint work, discussions of ideas and proposals of its participants. At present, a blog on one of the popular services, as well as a specialized community on the social network* have been created to present and discuss publications in addition to the main site.

* Currently, the community is available only in the Russian social network VKontakte. This social network as a whole has all the necessary functionality and is available in most countries of the world.
Work is under way to create a duplicate group on the social network Facebook, but this is due to a number of difficulties both in the social network itself and the fact that it is blocked for users from China.

But still blogs and social networks I consider a temporary tool for discussion, in the future they should only become an addition to the main site as information tapes. As the main information platform, the main tool for discussion, I plan to use even a little forgotten in our time, but still the most suitable format for this purpose of the Internet forum on the basis of phpBB.
I am sure that many will say that this format is hopelessly obsolete, but it is not. If opportunities are considered on the basis of the objectives of the project, it is the forum that is best suited. In contrast to social networks and various applications, the forum allows you to create a distribution of topics by appropriate topics, comment on both the topic as a whole and individual messages, make adjustments and edits, attach files of any type, see the whole branch of discussions. The forum allows you to easily find topics, connect them or vice versa, classify them by topic areas and many other functions, such capabilities are not available in existing blog services or social networks. For high-quality and professional communication, it is the forum that is more suitable.
In addition, in the future, the development of the information platform of the project for video conferences and online seminars.
Once again, the project «Public Order and Safety» is created to unite, communicate and work together specialists, enthusiasts, researchers, as well as simply passionate people. This project has no commercial or political component, because we do not aim to achieve a large number of users, our goal is quality. Let there be not many participants, but they will be really those who are interested in the goals and objectives of the project, as well as the topics on which we are working.
The site, social networks, blog, and in the future the forum of the project will have strict rules of the professional community. Discussions about politics, as well as on entertainment and other non-professional topics, will be prohibited. Discussion and opposition of participants 'identities on the grounds of State, national, religious, racial, political, professional or other affiliation will also be prohibited.
Our mission is to create alliances, establish contacts between specialists all over the world, work together to counter the threats of crime and terrorism. To respect people and their opinions, not to divide people on the grounds of race, country, religion or other characteristics. Anything that contradicts this missus is unacceptable to us.

Dear readers and colleagues.
I will be pleased with your suggestions to introduce additional opportunities for discussion of materials and professional communication of participants into the project. The main requirements for such tools: ease of use, ease of integration into the site and that is very important given that the project is international and non-commercial these tools should be free and multilingual.
You can send your offers in any convenient way.

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