Discussion of articles, drafts and other publications

principles, goals and objectives for organizing constructive communication between participants, the concept and mission of information work, thematic framework and limitations

 Discussion of articles, drafts and other publications

One of the main goals of the project is to create an electronic platform for discussing articles and other publications, collective consideration of ideas and proposals, searching for like-minded people and co-authors, organizing joint work and solving issues of mutual assistance for its participants.
Currently, for this purpose, created:
- community in the social network VKontakte;
- community in the social network Facebook;
- a channel on the Yandex Zen service;
- a blog on the Blogger service.
However, all these tools are given secondary importance, in the future they should become only an addition to the main site as information feeds, for publishing links and announcements. The concept of the information development of the project relies on another main tool, this is, albeit a little forgotten in our time, but still the format of an Internet forum that is most suitable for these purposes.

Why a forum?

Yes, today this type of platform is considered obsolete, the peak of their popularity ended about 15 years ago, they were replaced by social networks, blogs and instant messengers. However, for the tasks of our project, it will be relevant both now and in the near future.
Unlike social networks and various applications, the forum allows you to create and distribute topics according to suitable thematic sections, make adjustments and edits, attach files of any type (photos, videos, documents, etc.), see the entire discussion thread, comment on publications without restrictions on the number of characters, answer in one message to several participants on separate questions, insert quotes, make footnotes, highlight individual words and fragments, create polls and much more. Therefore, it is more convenient for conducting serious discussions and discussions. Its navigational and technical capabilities are also much wider, they make it easy to find topics, connect or, on the contrary, separate them, classify them into thematic areas and groups, as well as many other functions that are necessary specifically for creating and conducting conferences. Modern Internet forum platforms contain many additional features, such as creating personal sections (personal blogs of participants), integration with social networks and instant messengers, connecting individual and group chats, organizing video conferences, online seminars, etc. Another equally important argument in favor of this format is the ability to install professional language plug-ins, which allows all participants to comfortably conduct a discussion, despite language differences.
Existing blogging services, instant messengers or social networks do not have such capabilities. Therefore, for a civilized, respectful and professional communication (and this is what we will always strive for), a forum is more suitable.

Brief concept and mission of information work

The Public Order and Safety project does not have a commercial or political component, therefore, we do not aim to achieve a large number of users, our goal is to form a truly professional community, albeit a small one. Let there be not many participants, but they will really be those who share the goals of the project, participate in the implementation of its tasks and comply with the established rules and restrictions.
There will be strict thematic limits on the website, social networks, blog, and in the future on the project forum. Discussions about politics*, as well as on entertainment and other topics that are not directly related to professional ones, will be prohibited. Discussing or contrasting the personalities of participants on the basis of state, national, religious, racial, political, professional or other affiliation will also be prohibited.

* It is impossible to overestimate the harm of political topics, where politics begins, professionalism ends, because the community begins to be divided into user groups formed according to political preferences, after which constructive communication becomes impossible. These are not empty words and not assumptions, this is a fact proven many times over by practice. Therefore, a complete ban on the discussion of political topics and news will be introduced on the project forum, and all auxiliary resources. Moderation in this direction will be especially strict, there will be no exceptions for anyone.

Our mission is to create alliances, establish and strengthen ties between specialists from all over the world, organize the exchange of experience, ideas, projects and create conditions for joint work on countering the present and future threats of crime and terrorism.
Respect people and their opinions, do not divide people on the basis of belonging to a race, country, religion, professional or social group, or other grounds.
Everything that contradicts this mission is unacceptable for us.

Information support

As mentioned above, the project is non-commercial, so the editors do not have the funds to promote it online. Therefore, we very much count on the help of our participants and guests in disseminating information about the project. Each of you can support the project by sharing a link to our website on specialized Internet resources, similar groups on social networks, channels in instant messengers and services, or otherwise convey information to those who are interested in the project.

Dear readers and guests!

The editors will be grateful to you for suggestions on adding additional opportunities to the project, for discussing materials and professional communication of participants. The main requirements for such tools are: ease of use, ease of integration, and most importantly, these tools should be free and multilingual.
You can send your proposals in any convenient way.

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