Cooperation with other communities and projects

the basic principles of interaction, information support and joint activities, with other projects and associations similar in thematic focus, from different countries

 Cooperation with other communities and projects

The «Public Order and Safety» project was originally created with the aim of creating an open, international, professional, electronic discussion platform for law enforcement professionals, police officers, journalists, criminologists, students, as well as those who are simply interested in forecasting, prevention and counteraction to crime and terrorism.
Given the openness and international orientation, we are ready to cooperate with similar, thematically similar communities, projects, public organizations, professional clubs, associations and other associations from different countries in various fields of activity. Such as: organizing joint projects and programs, establishing international relations, participation in conferences, meetings, seminars, assistance in disseminating information about publications, authors, planned and ongoing events, and much more.
In accordance with the concept of our project, we do not cooperate or provide support (in any form) to organizations and communities that carry out such activities as:
- political;
- commercial (if it is the main purpose of the organization);
- religious;
- aimed at supporting or justifying terrorism and/or extremism;
- aimed at supporting or justifying hatred or intolerance towards individuals or social groups on the basis of national, religious, political, racial, territorial, professional or other affiliation;
- aimed at supporting or justifying crimes, their perpetrators, or crime as a social phenomenon.
Cooperation with organizations working to protect the labor, professional and social rights of employees of police services and units (trade unions), as well as state law enforcement agencies *, cooperation is carried out in a limited form, mainly in terms of mutual information support and exchange.

* whose competence, according to the documents establishing and regulating their activities, is limited to combating criminality and terrorism, within the boundaries of the territory of the state to which they belong.

For cooperation, you can contact the site editor in any way convenient for you:

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