Collaboration with other projects and communities

cooperation, information exchange and support with other scientific, police, community projects, associations, professional communities and similar Internet resources

The project «Public Order and Safety» was originally created with the aim of creating an open, international, professional electronic platform for specialists, journalists, scientists and those who are simply interested in the theory and practice of criminology, as well as in forecasting and countering threats of a criminal and terrorist nature.
Taking into account the openness and international orientation of the project, we are ready to cooperate with similar, close in thematic direction Internet communities, projects, public organizations, professional clubs and other associations.
Considering that the project «Public Order and Safety» is non-profit, for our part we can offer cooperation only in terms of mutual information support and information exchange.
In accordance with our mission, we do not cooperate or provide support (in any form) to organizations and communities that:
- political activity;
- commercial activity;
- religious activity;
- activities aimed at supporting or justifying terrorism and extremism;
- activities aimed at supporting or justifying hatred or intolerance against individuals or social groups on the grounds of national, religious, political, racial, territorial, professional or other affiliation;
- activities aimed at supporting or justifying crimes, their perpetrators or crime as a social phenomenon.

For cooperation, you can contact the site editor in any way convenient to you:

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