Police in the 21st century, looking to the future

publications on the topic - Prospects for the development of law enforcement agencies in the near future, solutions aimed at effective reform of the law enforcement system

 Police in the 21st century, a look into the future

This section will contain articles, research, reviews and other materials of the project participants, devoted to the topic - «Prospects for the development of police services and other law enforcement agencies in the near future, managerial decisions aimed at effective reform of the law enforcement system, taking into account modern requirements».
A promising direction for publications:
Currently, quite relevant and of real, practical interest to specialists at various levels are studies devoted to the development of new and modernization of existing elements of the law enforcement system at various levels (from municipal to international). Aimed at finding both individual (practical) management and organizational solutions, and full-fledged concepts of reforming police services and other law enforcement agencies. The implementation of which would significantly improve the effectiveness of police and other law enforcement agencies in protecting the lives, health and property of citizens and organizations, and effectively counteracting existing and future threats of criminal and terrorist nature. We are convinced that we need to create a modern police service that does not stand still, but is developing and moving forward in tandem with social progress.
The most promising and demanded projects are those that are designed as a comprehensive program or «Road Map», which contains not only grounds and proposals, but also a detailed order of their implementation in practice.
It is important to remember that when working on materials on these problems, the authors should not consider and evaluate in detail the social or political components, it will be quite enough the general grounds underlying the public demand for the reform of the entire law enforcement system, or a separate part of it.
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Publications of the project participants, on the topic of the section:

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