Police road safety issues

articles and other materials of the project participants on the topic - Issues of police activities to ensure road safety. Prevention of terrorist acts using vehicles

This section will contain articles and other materials of the project participants on the topic - Issues of organizing police activities to ensure road safety on urban and suburban roads. Prevention of terrorist acts using vehicles.

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A promising direction for research:
Currently, studies on the search for practical solutions, the introduction of which could seriously affect the situation with a high number of traffic accidents, the increase in the number of dead and injured in car accidents, are quite relevant and of real practical interest to specialists.
The second equally important threat is the increasing use of vehicles as weapons in terrorist acts.
Both of these threats are becoming more and more urgent every year for most countries of the world, which means that they require effective countermeasures.
I emphasize that in this work we do not consider the social or political motives that led to these threats, specialists in these fields, political scientists and sociologists should deal with this. Our goal is to consider the situation from the professional side of law enforcement agencies and develop effective and effective measures to counter such threats.
The main goal is to create an effective mechanism for protecting the life and health of people, from violators on roads and terrorists using cars as weapons when committing their actions.

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