Preventing crimes and terrorist acts

publications on the topic - General issues of prediction, prevention and early suppression of threats, of criminal and terrorist nature

 Preventing and suppressing crimes and terrorist acts

This section will post articles and other materials of the project participants on the topic - «General issues of prediction, prevention and suppression at an early stage, threats, criminal and terrorist nature».
A promising direction for publications:
Currently, quite relevant and of real practical interest to specialists at various levels are studies devoted to the development of new and modernization of existing systems and methods that can significantly improve the effectiveness of countering threats of a criminal and terrorist nature, in the main areas:
- analytics and forecasting;
- prevention and suppression;
- minimization of consequences.
Models can be developed at the level of a single municipality or region, or an entire state or a large federal entity.
It is important to remember that when working on materials on this issue, authors can indicate social and other factors that, in their opinion, influence the existing or probable situation. However, they should not provide qualitative assessments and make judgments about the causes and nature of these social phenomena. This should be done by specialized specialists: sociologists, political scientists, etc. The task of our project is to examine the situation from the professional perspective, as specialists in law enforcement, public order and security, and the fight against terrorism and extremism.
The requirements to the content and design of publications, the order of their placement and recommendations on copyright protection can be found in the section Contacts.

Publications of the project participants, on the topic of the section:

Bioterrorism is one of the main threats of the near future
author - Roman Grishin, Russia
In his article the author uses a hypothetical example to examine and analyze the state of readiness of law enforcement agencies to act in case of terrorist acts involving bacteriological weapons. He assesses obvious and probable vulnerabilities in the existing system of counteraction to such threats. Presents his solutions, which, in his opinion, could significantly improve the effectiveness of police units in minimizing the damage and eliminating the consequences of bioterrorism.
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